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All page numbers refer to the Really Jewish Food Guide 2014.

July 2014

There is a typographical error on p.35 of the Kosher Nosh Guide. Kallo Thins Milk Chocolate are listed as approved Parev, but they are, of course, Dairy.

It has come to our attention that Yeo Tubes made by Yeo Valley were previously made with yoghurt, but have been reformulated and are now made with Fromage Frais, which is Not Kosher.

May 2014

Would you have kashrut concerns about a pack of mixed Curry Spice? Coriander, Chilli, Cumin, Fennel etc – all traditional spices and non-problematic from  a kashrut point of view?

Now look again. The sixth ingredient listed is Belacan, made from fermented shrimp!

An important reminder that one just cannot make assumptions because a product has an “innocent” name!

In the first instance, no products should be used unless they bear a hechsher or have been investigated by experts and are listed on the RJFG list! 


Approval of Ricola sweets listed on p.46 now only applies to sweets in bags, which are still Parev.  Sticks are not approved.

Baskin Robbins Strawberry Cheesecake listed on p.68 as certified KLBD Dairy has changed formulation and is now Not Kosher.

Slimming World Hi Fi Deluxe Peanut Heaven Bar listed on p.85 as certified KLBD Dairy has changed supplier and is no longer approved.

January 2014

Baron's Pickled Herrings listed on p.56 and Baron's New Green Cucumbers listed on p.79 of the new Really Jewish Food Guide 2014 are no longer KLBD certified. Old stock which has already been purchased may be used up.


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