Kosher FAQs

Am I Allowed to Drink in Starbucks?
Date Uploaded: 
Monday 30th December 2013

Our advice is that if you are in an area where there are kosher coffee shops it is better to avoid purchasing drinks from non-supervised establishments. If you are far from kosher facilities, it would be ok to have plain coffee in a disposable cup, provided the coffee and the water come from a machine which does not dispense any liquid other than water or plain coffee. Hot water, milk or coffee from jugs is better to avoid.

Plain coffee with syrup would also be acceptable, provided it meets the above criteria, as all Starbucks coffee syrups in the UK are KLBD certified.

Starbucks Frapuccinos, whipped toppings, hot chocolates and other beverages prepared in coffee shops are better avoided since they are made in carafes, pumps and pots that are not exclusively used for kosher beverages.