Fruit & Vegetable Checking

Fruit & Vegetable Checking

Whereas eating pork involves a single transgression, eating a fly, worm or other kind of creepy-crawly involves several. The Torah is very explicit in its ban on insects so fruit and vegetables liable to be infested with them have to be thoroughly scrutinised and cleansed.

What looks like a nice green lettuce leaf, on closer inspection may resemble an insect motel. Tricky customers are parsley, asparagus, spring greens, broccoli and watercress. This also true of many types of fruit.

All bugs visible to the naked eye have to be removed. One way to do this is to soak the vegetables in water with a little salt or vinegar. Another method is to buy one of the several brands of vege-cleaner on the market, put some on a sponge and wipe it across the leaf. Insects also, unfortunately, lurk in some canned fruits and vegetables, which are visible as little black specks. They can be sifted out using a muslin sheet.

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