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Apply for KLBD Certification for a product

Here you will find all the information you need to know about how to gain kosher certification for your product. Click on the links and find out about KLBD's kosher certification, procedures, and also apply via our online kosher certification form. It's as simple as that.

Steps to Certification:

1) The initial contact:

Send an email or fax (+44 (0) 20 8343 6254) to KLBD for a general enquiry. State the name of your company, its location and the products you are interested in becoming Kosher certified. Alternatively fill in the online initial kosher application form on the KLBD website.

2) The application form:

KLBD will send a full kosher certification application form to you. Complete and send the form back to KLBD by fax or email. On the form you will need to supply logistical information about your company, your manufacturing plant, a list of the products you want certified and their respective ingredients.

3) Initial evaluation and fee proposal:

The kosher application form along with all the relevant information sent to KLBD will then undergo an initial evaluation to review the feasibility of the product being kosher certified. It is at this point that a fee will be quoted.

4) The inspection:

KLBD will then arrange a mutually convenient date for an initial inspection of the manufacturing plant. An expert KLBD kosher inspector will then carry out a thorough inspection of the entire process of manufacturing, including packaging. (In some cases a deposit for the inspection will need to be paid in advance)

5) The contract and final payment:

Once the inspection has taken place, a Kosher certification contract will be sent to you along with the initial invoice for certification. KLBD is dedicated to providing a professional kosher certification service at a reasonable cost. Where possible, all expenses and fees are included in the net fee with NO hidden charges and extras unless duly discussed and agreed in advance.

6) The KLBD certificate:

Once the contract is signed, a Kosher certificate will be issued and you will be able to market your products as Kosher and use the KLBD internationally recognised and registered logo. The kosher certificate is normally renewed annually.

Apply Online

We are committed to giving you the best kosher certification package for your needs. Please take the time to fill in this online form and we will be in touch with you shortly. (Fields with * must be filled in) Alternatively, download one of these forms and email us:

KLBD Kosher Application Form (Word Processor)

KLBD Kosher Application Form (PDF)

Considering Certification

Consumer Demands for Safe Foods

Millions of people throughout the world are careful about the foods they consume. They seek out the kosher symbol to insure that their preferences are being addressed.

Consumers demand to know more information on the origin and the composition of food products. The KLBD Kosher logo is the seal of approval they are looking for.

Kosher food is not just for people who keep kosher or Jewish people. Increased interest by Muslims, Seventh Day Adventists, Jehovah Witnesses, vegetarians and people who are lactose intolerant, prove that kosher is sought after by more than 60% of non-Jewish consumers.

Kosher Ensures a Guaranteed Independent Traceability

KLBD Kosher certification provides an economic advantage, a serious method of traceability, a response to problems of globalisation, and at the same time a guarantee of food safety.

The kosher labelling system identifies whether it contains dairy or meat ingredients, which is "value added" for vegetarians and consumers with food allergies.

There is also a strong demand for kosher food because many people believe that the products are produced in cleaner environments and are safer than foods produced in non-kosher plants.

Why get KLBD Kosher certified?

Take a walk down the aisles of any supermarket in the USA and increasingly so in Europe and you will see that a significant portion of the food and drink is certified kosher, from the coveted Mars Bar, Bendick's chocolate, to the thirst-quenching Coca-Cola.

Tap into the billion dollar kosher food market.

Supermarkets favour brands with kosher certification because it gives the product a competitive edge that makes it sell faster.

The KLBD Kosher logo has become an increasingly important marketing tool which can generate additional revenues by expanding the potential of the manufacturer's market.

KLBD Kosher Certification can lead to an increase in a company's private label business.

KLBD Kosher certified products, whether retail or industrial ingredients feature the KLBD Kosher logo prominently on the label or packaging, as well as in your advertising.

Going KLBD kosher is an investment your company makes in order to increase market acceptability and market share.


KLBD Kosher Certification takes the issue of confidentiality of client manufacturing data and allied information very seriously. At KLBD, we adhere to strict guidelines in order to protect all information submitted to us and will only use the information to ascertain the kosher status of the factory.

Our relationship with our clients’ centres on trust, and companies all over the world are confident that the information they disclose is treated confidentially. Even when the company does not proceed with kosher certification, all information will be kept in the strictest confidence.

KLBD Kosher Certification will not communicate, divulge or use, for the benefit of any other person, partnership, association or corporation, any of the trade secrets, formulae or secret processes used by the company that may be communicated to KLBD Kosher Certification by virtue of their application.

Submission and investigation of an application for kosher certification does not entail any commitment upon the part of the applicant or of KLBD Kosher Certification in any way, until an agreement for KLBD kosher certification is duly signed by both parties.

If you have any questions regarding confidentiality please do not hesitate to contact us.

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