Kosher FAQs

Can I order from a KLBD Restaurant via Deliveroo or similar?
Date Uploaded: 
Thursday 11th May 2017

Provided the food is packaged according to the following guidelines issued to KLBD licensed restaurants, then it is fine.

1)   The food container should be placed within a paper or plastic carrier bag which should be folded at the top and taped closed with Restaurant or KLBD tape or labels.

2)   This bag should then be placed within a second plastic carrier bag and once again folded at the top and similarly taped closed.

(If your food does not arrive packaged as described, you are advised to complain to the restaurant and also to notify the KLBD, including full details of the order and delivery, with photos if possible.)


Why are the guidelines necessary?

The requirement to use one bag within another is because of the possibility, when using a service such as Deliveroo, of there being a hot non-kosher meal within the same delivery box. Otherwise a double seal or its equivalent, would be quite sufficient.

Does it have to be taped?

It can be stapled but should also carry a seal with the restaurants tape or label or KLBD label. The label or tape should go over the seal or staple.

My order came with a sticker on the bag but it was not fully closed, is that ok?

The bag needs to have been sealed in a way that if it were tampered with you would notice.

I've seen restaurants fold over the top and staple their receipt to it, is that acceptable?

Yes, that would be ok.

If it comes untaped or only in one bag for example, is your advice not to eat the food?

Provided that the inner bag is sealed and there is no obvious leakage on the packaging, we would allow it.

What are the guidelines for milky deliveries or sushi platters?

The guidelines provided are for meaty, milky or parev.