Kosher Alerts & Updates

February 2014
Date Uploaded: 
Tuesday 25th February 2014

The following Island Cuisine Curry Sauces, which have recently been KLBD Certified Parev are now available from Tesco, Sainsbury's, online from Ocado and also some kosher stores:
Island Cuisine Creole Curry Green KLBD Parev
Island Cuisine Creole Curry Red KLBD Parev
Island Cuisine Creole Curry Yellow KLBD Parev
Island Cuisine Creole Sweet & Spicy KLBD Parev

Please ensure that the packaging bears the KLBD logo as old stock without the logo is not approved.

NEW - Mrs Elswood Burger Gherkins and Hot Dill Cucumbers are KLBD Certified Parev. They are available from kosher stores and in the kosher section of selected supermarkets.