Buying Kosher Products

Just Landed in the UK
Date Uploaded: 
Wednesday 20th October 2021

Welcome to Britain! If you are here as a tourist, we can help make your kosher trip a lot easier.

There is a huge variety of approved and KLBD certified (hechshered) food items available across the UK, so wherever you go, you won’t go hungry. You can find these foods listed in The Really Jewish Food Guide or you can look them up using our super fast search, which works offline once you have visited the website and is also available as an android app.

If you are going to be touring in London, then take a look at our list of Kosher establishments which gives the locations and details of kosher restaurants, bakeries and shops.

DD’s kosher sandwiches are available from Selfridges, as well as a number of airports, train stations, shops, hospitals and supermarkets in London and Manchester.

Outside of London and Manchester, keeping kosher gets a bit more difficult, but if you have a copy of The Really Jewish Food Guide, you can look for nearby kosher certified establishments in the Provinces, under the supervision of local kashrut authorities.

In addition, Just Kosher delivers to Brighton, Cambridge, Oxford, reading, Southend and South London and Kosher Deli delivers to the Home Counties. Alternatively Hermolis can deliver ready-to-eat meals to where you are staying.

If you need any further information, email or call 020 8343 6247.