KLBD Kashrut talk at Hasmonean Primary School
Date Uploaded: 
Thursday 16th March 2017

Rabbi Elie Schoemann, of KLBD, recently gave a Kashrut talk to Years 5 and 6 of Hasmonean Primary School. The children were well versed in which animals, fish and birds are kosher and enjoyed an interactive quiz. After explaining the fundamental laws of Kashrut, Rabbi Schoemann explained some complexities of the modern food industry and how Kashrut has changed and developed over the last century.

Rabbi Schoemann also showed some slides illustrating how vigilant one needs to be with checking fruit and vegetables, which as always made a big impression on the children. As the timing of the talk was during “Chinese week” in the school, Rabbi Schoemann gave a special presentation about Kashrut in China, how there are many agencies giving Hechsherim in China and how careful one needs to be when doing so. He also showed them slides of the Chalav Yisrael milk batches in Shanghai, a system that was set up by Rabbi Padwa of KLBD.