KLBD Kosher London App
Date Uploaded: 
Tuesday 7th January 2014


The KLBD Kosher London app is available as a free download for Android and Apple devices.

The Kosher London app features include:

  • Links to the Is It Kosher product search, KLBD Facebook Group, KLBD Twitter and an option to sign up to the KLBD mailing list.
  • ‘Kashrut Photo Query’ which allows you to take a photo of a food product and send it straight to the KLBD to find out if it is kosher.
  • The interactive Kosher Nosh Guide.
  • Details of all KLBD Kosher Establishments across London.
  • Receive Kashrut Alerts and Updates of newly approved products and licensees.
  • List of kosher fish in the UK.
  • Blessings & Prayers.
  • Notepad to make a shopping list
  • ‘Split the bill’ which calculates how much each person needs to pay.

Rabbi Jeremy Conway, Director of the KLBD said:

“We are delighted to launch our new free KLBD Kosher London app. Credit and thanks go to our IT technicians and app developers, Mark Shear, and Matthew Solomons and to KLBD executives Ilan Grossman and Elie Schoemann for all their hard work and efforts to make this app into a reality.”

To download the app for Apple devices, click here.
Android users can download the app here.