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KLBD nosh guide makes keeping kosher more affordable than ever
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Thursday 23rd June 2016

This week KLBD launched this year’s Kosher Nosh Guide. Listing over 2,300 products the guide is the perfect companion this summer for making kosher even more affordable and accessible. 

Some 600 products listed are kosher certified by the KLBD and the range of certified products continues to grow and now includes Bendicks Elizabethan Mints, Bear Claws, Stapleton yoghurts and a selection of the following: Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference ice creams; Propercorn popcorn; Booja Booja truffles; The Raw Chocolate Co products; Eat Real and Cofresh crisps.

Speaking about the new guide, Director of KLBD Rabbi Jeremy Conway said: “I’m delighted that KLBD have launched the 2016 edition of the Nosh Guide. It is a useful tool that allows consumers to see which products are kosher and will make kosher more affordable and accessible.”

The guides are available in synagogues, schools and kosher shops. You can also get your free copy in today’s Jewish News.

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