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KLBD Pull All-Nighter to Get Restaurants Ready for Pesach
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Monday 30th March 2015

KLBD staff have been working through the night to ensure that three of their licensed restaurants will be kosher for Pesach. 

With the help of the KLBD (the kashrut division of the London Beth Din) La Fiesta, Deli Max, Sami’s in Golders Green and White Fish restaurants will, this year, all be open for business during Chol Hamoed Pesach. This will give consumers more choice during the festival. As this year there are four full days of Chol Hamoed (intermediate days) there was a greater demand from these establishments to be able to provide services to their customers.  

Rabbi Conway, Director of KLBD, commented: “With a high demand from these restaurants to be able to open during Pesach, we are delighted that KLBD has been able to help. This is the first time four of our restaurants will be open during the festival. It will provide families with an easier way to keep kosher during Pesach and also get a bit of a rest from cooking!” 

KLBD work tirelessly throughout the year not just at Pesach and as a result there are now more Kosher Certified products than ever before.