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KLBD Standards
Date Uploaded: 
Thursday 20th April 2023

The KLBD prides itself on four major standards:

1) KLBD dairy bakeries, caterers and restaurants use only Chalav Yisrael (fully supervised) milk and cheese products.

2) KLBD meat restaurants use only Glatt meat. Chalak Beit Yosef meat may also be available on request. Many KLBD caterers use only Glatt or Chalak Beit Yosef meat. For specific enquiries, please contact us.

3) All meat restaurants and catered functions have full time supervision. KLBD shomrim are thoroughly trained, having at least six weeks' training with senior shomrim. They attend regular in-service training sessions.

4) One of a shomer’s most important duties is the careful washing and inspection of problematic vegetables according to the procedures laid down in the KLBD manual. Large quantities of herbs and vegetables that fail to meet our stringent standards are regularly rejected.