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KLBD statement on Kashrut fees
Date Uploaded: 
Friday 21st October 2016

A spokesperson for KLBD said:

 “The KLBD works hard to champion kosher food and help the kosher consumer. Just as our Really Jewish Food Guide provides details of thousands of kosher products to consumers, we work to give people a choice of simcha that is both high quality and affordable. (We even have a dedicated member of staff who is there to help people do this.) We don’t have a ‘one size fits all’ approach for Kashrut fees, instead what people pay reflects the work undertaken. The fee takes account of all the details of the simcha which have a bearing on our work, such as the complexity of menu, preparation time and choice of venue.

We are always happy to provide details of the kashrut fees for any simcha to anyone who contacts us and all KLBD licensed caterers know that in genuine cases of need we will gladly reduce our fees. No-one should feel that the kashrut fee is stopping them from holding a kosher function. Our work is not an obstacle to kosher functions; it is what makes them possible! For a simcha with 100 guests having a standard menu, using a kosher hall with the caterer preparing and serving all aspects of the event on the day, the KLBD kashrut fee (including travel costs of £15.25) would be £330 + VAT.

We trust our caterers to give accurate kashrut fees and encourage them to refer individuals to us where there are any questions. If we are notified that fees have changed or are incorrect we follow-up with the supplier in question. We are always looking at ways to make hosting a kosher function more affordable and would encourage people to contact us directly if they have any questions or would like further information.”