KLBD UK Roadshows
Date Uploaded: 
Thursday 23rd January 2020

As Europe’s largest Kosher Certification Agency, KLBD are continually certifying new retail products in the UK and abroad. Part of my remit is to find new products to certify and another is to work with these companies to make sure that the Jewish UK population know about all the new products and where they are available.

Around five years ago, we started doing Roadshows around the country, going to Synagogues, clubs and charities. We have been from Glasgow down to Hove, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool & Leicester as well as many other events in and around London.

We take around 250 newly certified products that are available in regular supermarkets and health food stores. The idea being that everyone has the opportunity to eat kosher. For those in North London, it’s obviously much easier with the vast selection of kosher supermarkets but, even then, there are many products that these supermarkets don’t stock but can easily be purchased elsewhere.

We normally give a short talk on the process of certification, what each and every company needs to go through with KLBD to have their products certified. The groups seem to find this very interesting and often have questions after regarding individual companies. 

I tell them about the KLBD London App,, the KLBD Facebook group and other ways they can find out about new products.

They then get to see and taste the products we have brought. We have flyers for most of the companies for people to take plus a small leaflet with a list of the companies and their websites so people can remind themselves after the events what was of interest to them.

We encourage them to take photos, note anything they specifically want to buy in the leaflet we have produced with a list of all the companies and take flyers for the individual products.

The companies are all very keen to support the KLBD Roadshow as it helps promote their products and encourages sales. We always write to them after each event, with photos and give them feedback.

If you would like to book a Roadshow please contact me:

Sharon Feldman-Vazan

07956 563778