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Latest Products to be Kosher Certified
Date Uploaded: 
Sunday 8th March 2015

NEW KLBD Chalav Yisrael Cheeses now available in kosher stores.
Le Feta Brine 
Le Feta Oil 
Mozarella Rolled
Mozarella Grated

NEW Pudology Dairy Free Yogs Natural Coconut Yoghurt is KLBD Certified Parev and bears the KLBD logo. It is available from Holland & Barrett stores.
For more information, see

Chi Coconut drinks are now Certified KLBD Parev, no logo

Chocolate and Espresso Coconut Milk are only certified with a 'Best Before' date of 19/08/16 or later.    

For details of stockists, see their website

More Nescafe Dolce Gusto Capsules now KLBD Certified, no logo:
Cappuccino KLBD Dairy
Cappuccino Ice KLBD Dairy*
Cappuccino Skinny KLBD Dairy
Chococino KLBD Dairy
Latte Macchiato KLBD Dairy*
Latte Macchiato Skinny KLBD Dairy
Latte Macchiato Unsweetened KLBD Dairy*
Mocha KLBD Dairy

* Available exclusively online from