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Marmite lovers excited by new Kosher Nosh Guide
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Thursday 18th June 2015

This year the KLBD Kosher Nosh Guide launches on the 25th June with the exciting addition of kosher certified Marmite. This is the announcement many a Marmite lover has been waiting for ever since kosher Marmite imported from South Africa became unobtainable. After many months of discussion with Unilever, KLBD has agreed an arrangement for a new size of Marmite, produced on a particular production line, to be certified kosher.

After receiving feedback from many kosher consumers that they are desperate for kosher Marmite to be readily available in the United Kingdom, the KLBD, the kosher division of the United Synagogue made a concerted effort to encourage Unilever to consider ways of making Marmite kosher. Pressure from the Jewish community together with conversations with KLBD eventually bore fruit.

After much work the new Marmite 70g jars are certified as kosher and will bear the KLBD logo. Other sizes will hopefully follow. The kosher approved product is packed on a line dedicated to kosher product only and all other Marmite products currently remain not kosher.

In addition to marmite, there is a huge variety of kosher items included in the 2015 Kosher Nosh Guide. This year it has over 2,500 products, 600 of which are kosher certified by the KLBD. The list of certified products is ever expanding and in particular for the health conscious consumer. Plamil dairy free chocolates and carob products, Bear and Urban Fruit snacks which were in high demand, Nakd nibbles, Roo’Bar fruit and Protein Bars, Perry Court Farm Fruit Bars and Doves Farm Gluten Free cookies and Flapjacks are all newly certified.  

The Kosher Nosh Guide will be distributed via US communities, schools, nurseries and youth groups, through Tribe networks, and it will be available all year for download from the KLBD and US websites.

Commenting on the launch of this year’s Kosher Nosh Guide, Rabbi Jeremy Conway, Director of KLBD said: “Every year the KLBD works hard to listen to the kosher consumers and provide kosher products that are in demand. This year following a huge reaction from kosher consumers after kosher Marmite was no longer readily available we encouraged all those interested in kosher Marmite to write to Unilever. After long discussions with Unilever, we are delighted to have finally secured kosher Marmite for all those Marmite lovers out there. The KLBD team works tirelessly all year round to make kosher living as easy and enjoyable as possible and hopefully this year’s Nosh Guide is a tribute to those efforts.”