Sale of Chametz 2020

Sale of Chametz 2020
Date Uploaded: 
Wednesday 25th March 2020

Power of Attorney

It is most important that all chametz is disposed of or sold before Passover. Although the non-Jew usually sells it back after Passover, this is an entirely valid and legal sale, both in Jewish and English Law. The chametz to be sold should be securely locked away in a room or cupboard, which will not be used over Passover. It is customary to empower the local rabbi to sell one's chametz and to sign the rabbi's contract.  

The form declares that: I hereby appoint Rabbi J Conway to act as my agent and sell all chametz that will be in my possession as of

Wednesday 8th April 2020 at 11.55am

I hereby authorise him to act in my stead, and empower him to do all that is required to make such a sale valid in order that I conform to all the halachic requirements and restrictions regarding the possession of chametz over Pesach. I hereby also make part of this authorisation any Agreement of Sale (shtar mechirah) that he may use for this purpose. 

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