Kosher Alerts & Updates

Seaweed & Nori
Date Uploaded: 
Thursday 27th December 2018

Due to kashrut issues discovered recently with  Seaweed and Nori  these are now only permitted when bearing a reliable hechsher, so products previously listed as approved are no longer permitted.


Seaweed/Nori with a hechsher may be purchased from kosher stores.

The following KLBD licensees specialise in Sushi:

Sushi by Ezri (counter in Moshe's, Temple Fortune)

Sushi Counter in Mendy's (Edgware)

Sushi Haven (counter in Kosher Kingdom, Golders Green)
Sushi Haven (counter in Hadar, Edgware)
Sushi Haven Restaurant (Golders Green)

Sushi Counter in Tapuach (Hendon)

Sushi Counter in White Fish Restaurant (Hendon)

Many other KLBD licensees including caterers, restaurants, bakeries and shops, also make or sell sushi.