Answers to Common Kashrut Questions

What is the difference between products that are kosher certified by KLBD and those that are kosher approved?
Date Uploaded: 
Wednesday 14th August 2019

A company which is kosher certified has regular factory audits by highly trained Rabbinical Inspectors and they are bound by a legal contract to conform to suppliers and processes agreed with the KLBD. Many certified products bear the KLBD logo on the packaging but there are some certified products which don’t have the logo. This is a decision taken by the company and does not undermine the kosher certification in any way.

Products which are approved for listing in the guide have been investigated by our food technologists and approved based on information received from the manufacturers. The investigations are carried out mainly by correspondence and cover ingredients, processing aids and shared use of manufacturing equipment.

It is preferable, whenever possible, to buy products with a hechsher.