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Tuesday 20th August 2019

All milk products used by KLBD caterers are Chalav Yisrael.
Many United Synagogues have function halls suitable for banqueting, simchas or parties. Free kosher supervision is offered for functions of up to 175 guests held in US halls. For further information and synagogue contact details visit 
A number of KLBD restaurants have private dining facilities and can cater for small functions inside the restaurant. This is indicated in the notes in the Restaurants section
Please discuss suggested venues directly with your chosen caterer. 

1070 Kitchen
Tel: 020 7624 2013

Amor Caterers
Tel: 020 8458 4221
Catering for all occasions, specifically
weddings, sheva brachot, brits and
kiddushim at a reasonable price.

Ben Tenenblat
Tel: 020 8205 0463

A contemporary twist combined with elegant
fine dining and a keen eye for aesthetic
detail. We suit all palates and budgets, from
Gala Dinners, Fundraisers, Weddings, Bar
and Bat Mitzvah’s… to the most intimate
dinner party.

Catering by Ezri
Tel: 020 8810 4321
Mob: 07855 449958

Since 2001, Ezri’s professionals inspire with
confidence, enthusiasm and reliability from
start to finish. We offer home-style kosher
cooking, as well as ethnic cuisine such as
Middle Eastern, Asian, Oriental, French and
Traditional cooking.

Celia Clyne Banqueting
Only KLBD supervised when in London and
surrounding areas.
Tel: 0161 705 1223 (Manchester)
Tel: 020 7111 1223 (London)
The complete banquet caterers for every

Cohen's Caterers
Tel: 07853 721787

A unique taste of oriental and traditional food.
We are dedicated to clients’ needs, products,
budgets, deadlines and high standards; we
bring enthusiasm and a passion for catering
and service to our clients.

Creme de la Creme
Tel: 020 8458 9090
Mob: 07800 817193
Catering for all occasions. 20 years of
experience. Famous for our unique French
food and cakes. Quality is our passion.

Daniels Catering
Tel: 020 8455 5826
Mob: 07931 576779

Catering for engagements, barmitzvahs, brits,
weddings, birthdays and any other occasion,
available at a very reasonable price. We’re here
to make your simcha a success.

Eat Me Events & Catering
Tel: 020 3772 0810
A creative and innovative catering and
events company, offering exceptional
food in a large choice of venues, from
central London hotels and clubs to rustic
woodland settings and countryside manors. 

Evelyne Kosher Banquets
Tel: 020 8202 5458

Offering extraordinary quality to every
function- whatever your event - we are
dedicated to your complete satisfaction
and enjoyment on the day. We have what
you need to make your vision something
really special.

Food Story
Tel: 020 8200 8111
Hand crafted events with an extraordinary
commitment to beautiful food and service
excellence. With quality and a creative flair,
signifyingthe care and attention we give to
weaving our fairy-tale magic into creating
each part of your personalised event.

Tel: 020 8801 1999
The Kosher Caterer With Taste!
We handle all sizes, at any venue!
"6th Generation Kosher London Caterers"
The 1st Kosher Catering in the United Kingdom

Itzik Caterers
Tel: 020 8438 9891
Mob: 07971 056543

Catering for all occasions.

James A Zimmer
Tel: 020 8830 8330

Impeccable service, superior food
presentation, a feast for the senses;
stylish, sophisticated and modern cuisine.
The event of your dreams, with memories
to last a lifetime.

Jasmine Catering
Tel: 020 8951 0100

Modern and special catering for all

Jason Millan
Tel: 020 8207 3420
Jason Millan aims to provide the highest
quality gourmet kosher catering. Offering
value for money and innovative concepts
with outstanding personal service.

Just Perfect
Tel: 020 8202 5000

Kosher Deli Catering
Tel: 020 8381 4450
'Affordable Elegance'. Elegant cuisine,
beautifully presented and graciously
served. We cater all functions large and
small. Call Jack for expert advice on all
aspects of your function.

Litke Caterers
Tel: 020 3332 0555
Your simcha is ours, with our five star quality
catering that will enhance your simcha!

London Kosher Caterer
Formerly Paul Berlin
Tel: 020 8455 5136

M&M Events
Tel: 020 7781 8141

Malcolm Green
KLBD supervised when catering in UK.
Tel: 020 3393 6823 
Catering since 1970, from Hawaii to Haifa
and St Maarten to St Albans. He now brings
his years of experience to you. Specialising
in wonderful banquets and buffets with a
great variety of menus.

Manna Deli Catering
Tel: 020 8201 7575

Neil Samuels
Tel: 020 8386 7696
Simchas so good you won’t want to go
home. Please visit our website or call
Neil for more details.

NW Chasunah Team
Tel: 020 8455 2027 
Wedding receptions. We are a gemach
catering at cost with voluntary donations.

Pardes Catering
Tel: 020 8806 7774
Mob: 07968 153597
Catering to suit your taste. Weddings, bar/
bat mitzvas, pidyon haben, birthday parties
and all other functions. High quality service
at a low price.

Penashe (Fun Foods)
Tel: 07768 333763
Our burgers, hotdogs, grilled steak and
chicken sandwiches, waffles, candyfloss,
popcorn, parev ice cream and milk shakes
make any bar/batmitzvah party really
great! (and the adults love them too!)

Reich Caterers
Tel: 020 8459 2587
With over 30 years in catering, we are
famous for our heimish menus with style.

Rochelle Sassoon Caterer
Tel: 020 8450 6900
Where excellence is a matter of course.

Royale Cuisine
Tel: 020 8808 3316
Martin Spencer studied under top chefs
and established the top catering company.
He blends all elements to create a successful
event. He knows reputations are hard won
and easily lost.

Sushi Haven
Tel: 020 8123 0555
Offering a quality sushi catering service to
suit any occasion. To discover how we can
make your special event even more tasteful,
give us a call.

Sylvia Catering
Tel: 020 8958 9855
We are a well-established, friendly, family
run, smaller business. Our attention is always
personal and our intentions are to give high
quality services at a genuinely affordable price.

Tony Page
Tel: 020 8830 4000
Tony Page is renowned for bringing
excellenceto the table. All events are
meticulously planned with a personal
touch, bespoke and innovative menus
and outstanding attention to detail.

Wassertzug Catering
Mob: 07772 369772

White House Entertaining
Tel: 020 8203 2427 
White House now offers catering for
all events. Our team can ensure that
your simcha, birthday party or corporate
event runs to perfection.

Zeitlin & Co
Tel: 020 7561 7099
Specialising in innovative Kosher Food.
Creating a unique event and culinary
experience for you and your guests
at a reasonable price, with impeccable

Josepha White Party Food

Tel: 020 8346 2367
Mob: 07879 658653
Personal and friendly service,
complementing varied menu choices that
can be tailored to suit clients’ individual
requirements and budgets.