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What is the difference between Pas Yisrael and Pas Palter?
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Thursday 13th February 2020

The term Pas Palter, refers to bread produced in a non-Jewish commercial bakery with kosher ingredients, as distinct from Pas Yisrael which is Jewish baked bread.

According to halacha, one should always buy Pas Yisrael bread – Jewish baked kosher bread – whenever possible. Pas Palter however, may be purchased when no similar Pas Yisrael product is readily available, provided it is kosher certified.
The term Pas Akum, refers to bread baked by a non-Jew in a private capacity, which may not be eaten by rabbinic decree.

Bread which is not kosher certified is not permitted because it may be made with fats, emulsifiers or improvers of animal origin. Release agents used to grease production equipment may be non-kosher and the equipment itself may be used for non-kosher products.

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