Answers to Common Kashrut Questions

On purchasing fruit and veg that come from Israel, how should I separate teruma and ma'aser?
Date Uploaded: 
Wednesday 21st June 2023

Cut off and set aside just over 1% of the product and say the following formula:

“All the separations and redeeming of trumos u’ma'asros shall be in accordance with the formula of the Chazon Ish, and ma’aser sheni and revei should be redeemed on the coin that is set aside in the London Beth Din.”

Wrap up and throw out the separated piece.

Eat and enjoy.

Please note: teruma and ma'aser may not be separated on Shabbat or Yom Tov.

The Jewish year 5782 was a Shemitta year. Click here to see which produce is still affected by Shemitta restrictions, and dates when this will cease to apply.