Helping Organise Your Simcha

Helping Organise Your Simcha

Simchas are a very special time; times to celebrate the Jewish milestone reached in a person’s life and celebrate their Jewish journey.

Arranging a Simcha is no easy task, and many presume that a Kosher caterer will be too expensive. Quite the contrary, and that’s why we will do what we can to help. We have a wealth of experience in this industry and help everyone plan their Simcha, particularly with finding a suitable Kosher caterer that suits your budget. With almost 50 KLBD caterers to choose from, we can guarantee to find the right one for you. The best part is that this service is free of charge!

If you have a forthcoming simcha and don’t think you can find a suitable kosher caterer, email at and find out all of your kosher options!

Loraine Young, our former Simcha Executive helped many people with her wealth of experience and knowledge. Here is what one person said about Loraine's invaluable help with their wedding:

A couple were having difficulty finding a kosher venue for their wedding, so much so that they were considering having a marquee in their garden with a non-kosher caterer as they assumed it was cheaper. They had seen Loraine’s advert and decided to give her a call.

Loraine immediately set-up a meeting between this family and a country club she had recently seen, as she thought it may be the answer. After a quick look around, the family loved it but were still concerned that it would be too expensive for them. Their fears were soon laid to rest as Loraine managed to sort out the venue and a KLBD caterer, well within the families’ budget. Loraine was then able to help find a photographer as well as sort out the other details for less than their marquee and non-kosher caterer was going to cost.