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Hovis Bread is KLBD Certified
Date Uploaded: 
Friday 17th June 2016

KLBD are pleased to announce that Hovis®, one the country’s most-recognised brands, have chosen to become KLBD certified - Pas Palter*. Most of the range, including Hovis® Soft White, Best of Both® and Seed Sensations® have secured KLBD certification.

Rabbi Conway, Director of KLBD, said: “To have a national brand, and especially one of the calibre of Hovis, choosing to get KLBD Kosher Certification is another major step towards KLBD’s goal to make Kosher as easy and affordable as possible. This will be a great help in particular to people living in outlying communities as well as Jewish students, holidaymakers and all those away from home.”

‘You can now buy a wide range of Hovis’® best-selling bread products safe in the knowledge that they are certified Kosher. The Hovis® brand has been loved by consumers for over 130 years. Recognised as “healthy, traditional and tasty”, the Hovis® brand has an enormously strong sense of heritage and trust (Source: Davis McKerr Qualitative research 2014) which is why it’s great news to see our popular loaves added to the list of Kosher products.’ Sophie Lyons - Marketing Manager Hovis

Tribe on Campus’s Nottingham Ambassador, Daniel Glass, said:  "With no kosher shops in Nottingham, getting Kosher supplies isn’t the easiest. But, being able to pick up a loaf of kosher bread almost anywhere now is a great help to keeping kosher on campus."

Sheffield United Synagogue Chair, Frada Wilenski, said: “As President of our community, I am delighted that we have more flexibility of choice.”

The certified range includes the following products - when bearing the KLBD logo.
Hovis     British Farmers White
Hovis     Farmhouse Wholemeal
Hovis     Good Inside Best of Both
Hovis     Good Inside Soft White
Hovis     Good Inside Wholemeal
Hovis     Granary Original
Hovis     Granary Wholemeal
Hovis     Nimble Malted Wholegrain
Hovis     Nimble Wholemeal
Hovis     Seed Sensations 7 Seeds Original
Hovis     Seed Sensations 7 Seeds Wholemeal
Hovis     Seed Sensations Chia
Hovis     Soft White
Hovis     Sunflower & Pumpkin Seed
Hovis     Wholemeal

*For more information about Pas Palter click here.